Frequently asked questions

Why and when was this Inquiry established?

The Paradise Dam Commission of Inquiry was established on 6 December 2019 to examine the root causes of structural and stability issues identified with the Paradise Dam near Bundaberg.

Briefly, the Commission will determine what went wrong, why, and what can be done to prevent the problems from recurring.

How was the inquiry scope determined?

The scope of the Commission’s investigation is set by the Inquiry’s terms of reference. View the terms of reference.

Who were the Commissioners leading the Inquiry?

The Honourable John Byrne AO RFD is the Chairperson and Commissioner.

Because of the complexity of the technical and engineering issues, Emeritus Professor John Carter AM is also engaged as Commissioner.

What is Counsel Assisting the Commission?

Counsel Assisting is a term used for barristers appointed by the Commission to facilitate the Inquiry. Counsel Assisting gather information and present evidence at public hearings. They also assist the Commissioners to assess the evidence.

What is leave to appear?

Leave to appear is a legal term and process meaning permission to present or test evidence given, or to present arguments about the evidence. The process is managed by the Commission in line with Practice Guidelines or directions made by the Chairperson.

How did the Commission obtain information?

The Commission obtains information through public submissions, interviews of people with knowledge of relevant facts, testimony and documents at public hearings, research, and from other material provided by organisations and individuals.

The Commission has power to require organisations and individuals to provide information that will assist the Inquiry.

Are the hearings open to the public as observers?

Hearings were open to the public.